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Belting tools

Belting tools

If you need to create a superior endless splice for conveyor belts at your factory without involving the third-party – here is the solution! We offer you the high-tech splicing equipment for light-duty conveyor belts.

Novitool Aero Splice

Why the Novitool Aeropress?

·         Splice times as short as 8-12 minutes.

·         Mobile all-in-one press is fast and easy to operate and enables to make the onsite splice with the shortest shutdown of conveyor equipment.

·         Features intuitive HMI control panel and scroll-through navigation.

·         USB port loads recipes for future use and allows for storing and sharing more than 1000 recipes between tools and across locations.

Àýðîïðåññ FLEXCO Novitool


Ply Separator

The Novitool Ply 130™ Ply Separator cuts between the plies of conveyor belting for belt splice preparation. Plies can be split as deep as 5” (130 mm) in one action, making the tool perfect for preparing stepped splices and for recessing mechanical fasteners

Ply Separator is capable of precise splicing of thermoplastic belts – both thick (up to 10 mm) and thin. Moreover it can separate as little as 0.014” (0.35 mm) to create film from the belt used in the splicing process.

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Finger punching machine

  • The Mobile Finger Punch is designed to effortlessly punch fingers into PU and PVC conveyor belts in preparation for installing endless splices.
    Available in three standard widths: 300, 600 and 900 mm.
  • However, open construction of punch enables punching wider belts in multiple steps

Pun M

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