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Transport wire mesh belts

Metal wire mesh belts and conveyor belts

SPBelt is an exclusive distributor of Twentebelt (the Netherlands).
The key benefits of the conveyor belts manufactured by Twentebelt are long lifetime, easy installation, high quality materials. These product characteristics together with fast delivery time, competitive price level and technical support from Twentebelt engineers and sales advisors in search of the right solution for the customers production process makes Twentebelt the leading metal conveyor belts manufacturer in the world.
We offer a wide range of metal conveyor belts for various applications: from baking, roasting and freezing to preserves pasteurization, from beverage production to degreasing of metal parts.
Twentebelt conveyor belts show excellent results even in extreme conditions: at high or super low temperatures, at heavy loads and even in hostile chemical environment.

Metal conveyor belt types
• Wire mesh belts
• Eyelink belts
• Spiral belts / Spiral wirelink belt
• TwenteFlex conveyor belts
• Special conveyor belts

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+7 (812) 644-41-24
+7 (812) 622-19-19


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+7 (812) 644-41-24 +7 (812) 622-19-19
Kubinskaya street, 76/7 St.Petersburg, Russia