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Modular belts

Modular plastic conveyor belts

SPBelt is the only officially authorized distributor of Scanbelt (Denmark) in Russia, one of the world´s leading manufacturers of modular plastic conveyor belts.

SPBelt has the largest and the most flexible stock product range of modular belts in Russia. In our stock programme you can find straight-running and radius modular belts, sprockets, different types of flights (straight, bent, supported), side guards, hooks.

By virtue of using different materials (PE, PE+, PP, POM) modular belts Scanbelt are suitable for application in all industry fields. All basic materials are FDA approved. Our team of experienced application specialists is committed to helping you select the modular belt for your production!

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+7 (812) 644-41-24
+7 (812) 622-19-19


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+7 (812) 644-41-24 +7 (812) 622-19-19
Kubinskaya street, 76/7 St.Petersburg, Russia