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Motors & reducers

YUK electric motor and motor-gearbox

SPB is exclusive distributor of the Spanish manufacturer of the YUK transmission units.
High-quality products of YUK company find application in the most different industries around the world.

The worm geared motors line developed by YUK is a new generation of products, that obtain excellent performance characteristics due to such features as:
• special wear-resistance bronze on the gearbox worm wheel;
• European made SKF gland seals;
• using of synthetic oil, excluding occurrence of excessive pressure in an gearbox;
• advanced equipment for machining of motor housing, gearbox and their components;
• quality inspection department at the production plant;
• comprehensive inspection before shipping to the customer at the SPBelt production facility.

Wide product range available from stock ensures minimum delivery dates: 1-2 days.

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+7 (812) 644-41-24 +7 (812) 622-19-19
Kubinskaya street, 76/7 St.Petersburg, Russia